Feminism; the dirty F word.


Mark “rent boy” Renton was right. “Choose life”. “Choose a job”. “Choose your future”

Choose to be a feminist.

Over the last week, women from across the world have chosen to march. Generally speaking, men have chosen to remain on the sidelines of this discussion save for sharing memes about how women have the same legal rights as men. To be fair to them, Melania Trump was asking to be turned into a meme when she wore that dress. I think that’s how it works.

You don’t have to be pro-choice to believe in feminism. You don’t have to be a blogger wearing horn-rimmed specs to see that women aren’t treated fairly, and you don’t need to support Hillary Clinton to understand that women spend most of their life being disrespected. Disrespected because they wanted to wear a low cut top, disrespected because they earn less money and disrespected because John Inverdale says “you’re not a looker”. John Inverdale. Yeah so you won Wimbledon, but John Inverdale reckons he wouldn’t go out with you so who cares.

So you can be a highly respected Lawyer, able to defeat the government at the high court. Unfortunately for Gina Miller, men on twitter reckon she’s just looking for attention, sorry love now get back in your box. “Why is 1 woman being allowed to challenge the will of over 17 million people?” Ponders “The George Cross” in the Daily Mail comments section. Because she’s a lawyer, George. Now get back in your box. Al Beverley insists: “One woman MUST not count for more than a vote from the electorate.”.

You can be a qualified and successful woman, and not even be worth the time of day. You can be a self confessed pussy grabber and become the leader of the free world.

Sexism is not reserved for celebrities, well-known women or presidential candidates. According to rapecrisis.org.uk, hundreds of women have been raped since I started writing this. I’m writing as fast as I can, but either way 11 recorded rapes an hour is disgusting. One in five women have experienced rape, attempted rape or sexual assault. What that means for men is this; you know a rape victim, and you probably know a rapist. Perhaps your mother, perhaps your sister, daughter, wife or niece. There’s five women, pick one. To make the point bluntly, you definitely do know a rape victim. These aren’t alternative facts, exaggerations or embellishment. These are facts.

So yes you are right that women legally do have the same rights in America, Britain and many other places. Yes you are right that you personally are not guilty of domestic abuse, sexual assault and you personally get paid less than some women who you’ve heard of. I’ll grant you that sometimes I think Angelina Jolie is a bit much too. But if you honestly want to tell me that women didn’t need to walk out of the door and join a march then all I can say is I hope you don’t kiss your mother with that mouth, because she’s the one who has to deal with the repercussions.

Women from across the planet chose to organise and march because women tend to over react to things.  An estimated three million people chose to march because everything is fine. One hundred thousand people turned out in London because they just fancied a stroll, and a solitary eight turned out in the streets of Iraq to protest what? They didn’t turn out to protest that Hillary didn’t win the election. They didn’t turn out because they are lazy millennials, and they didn’t turn out because of the Brexit vote.

Muirfield golf club voted to exclude women. So the PGA decided to exclude Muirfield. I’m not sure if the PGA would define it this way, but surely that is feminism that we should all be part of. What I’m trying to say is that being a feminist doesn’t mean wearing Doc Martens and dungarees. Being a feminist means much more than replying to Piers Morgan on twitter and it goes much deeper than whether or not to you like Donald Trump.

Anyone with a mother, sister, daughter, wife or girlfriend should be a feminist, because that’s the only way I can stop worrying about any of the things I know are going to affect them throughout their life.


My name is Danny Holden and I’m a feminist.


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